Fat freeze is a revolutionary new fat loss technique that promises to help you get rid of stubborn fats in just 40 minutes!

Fat freeze is a simple, safe and effective method that uses extreme cold to break down stubborn fat cells. The treatment targets the subcutaneous fat layer just below the skin by exposing it to negative degree celcius for a period of 40 minutes. Once the fat cells are exposed to the cold temperature, they undergo a process called apoptosis or cell death, causing the cells to die and decompose, thereby allowing the fat to be removed through natural processes. The end result is a reduction in your body fat with no surgery and no downtime involved. According to experts, the freezing technique results in less inflammation in the body and promotes healthy weight loss by reducing the size of the fat cells in your body.

Been through many diets and exercise but you’re just can’t get rid of the bulging stubborn fats?

Bulging belly, stubborn arm fats, stubborn inner thigh fats? Fat freeze is here for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What does 1 applicator means? Example: Tummy – 1 Applicator. Left arm – 1 applicator, right arm – 1 applicator

Q: When will I see results? It will take about 1 month to 2 months for the eliminated fat cells to be eradicated from the body via the lymphatic drainage system.

Q: How many sessions/treatments do I need? Number of treatments varies between individuals. Before we proceed, we will do a thorough Body Composition Analysis to determine how many sessions are required.

Q: Do we hard sell? No, we do not believe in hard selling.